How to make a garlic plait


It took seven months to grow but only three minutes to plait this garlic…I wonder how long it will take to eat it all?

Turning your home-grown garlic into a beautiful plait to hang in your kitchen or to give as a present to friends or family is very satisfying and not that difficult once you know how.

When your garlic is ready (see Knowing when to harvest your garlic) and it’s out of the ground, it’s best to let it dry somewhere for a couple of weeks in a spot out of the weather with good airflow to prevent your garlic going mouldy (which can happen if you plait it while the leaves are still fresh and green); a covered veranda or carport is ideal. Once it’s fairly dry, but not so brittle that the leaves break off, it’s time to clean it before plaiting.


A cleaned bulb on the left

To clean my garlic I cut the roots off with some scissors and with a soft brush remove any dry soil that may be on the garlic. With some varieties of garlic it is sometimes possible to gently rub the outermost papery layer off with your fingers, however make sure you don’t peel off more than one layer as the dry skin surrounding your garlic bulbs help them store for longer.

Now you are ready to plait…in the video below I show how easy it is to do it!



4 thoughts on “How to make a garlic plait

  1. WOW – Mascha I knew you were talented but this is such a smooth operation. Well done. I have tried to copy it but I don’t dare to send a picture. Obviously I have to train a bit.
    By the way, Jeanette preserves garlic in oil and it keeps “for ever” although in our household it gets eaten quite quickly but it lasts longer than the stored bulbs.
    We wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year,

    Jeanette and Johannes Wenzel

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  2. Thanks Johannes, yes I have made a few garlic plaits over the years so have had a bit of practise. Keep trying though, the main trick is to keep the bulbs close to the main plait as you add them in. I’ll have to try and preserve some in oil (hadn’t done that before). Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family too!


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